Sina Basila Hickey is a Brooklyn-based, community-engaged, visual artist, activist, and educator. She uses photography, video, and community projects to reveal issues in sustainability, social justice, and society’s concepts of value. Sina’s background is in documentary storytelling, pedagogy, and grassroots organizing. Her work asks viewers to engage with social and environmental issues.


Sina co-founded Seeing Collective and developed and directs its Photo Café program. She is also currently overseeing Papergirl-Brooklyn which was awarded a Brooklyn Arts Fund grant.  

Sina is currently working on a personal photo project that profiles creatives who use their crafts to express their political voice in (Create)ive Change.

See more of Sina's project work HERE

Sina’s work as a freelance photographer and filmmaker allows her to work with organizations that reflect her world view and commitment to being a part of social, environmental, and systematic change in her community. See examples of her commissioned videos HERE

About Sina Basila


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