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Creatives who integrate political themes into their work are photographed and interviewed in their workspaces. Art can influence understanding and connection in ways that statistics and reporting cannot. These creatives are asked about the ideas behind their work to encourage more people to see their work as a tool for activism. 


A photography series in which wearable designs made from trash mimic high fashion garments. This mimicry disrupts the flow of consumption by flipping concepts of fashion and garbage. This series aspires to not only critique fast industries but requires the viewer to take the time to make sense of the materials.


Alex Schweder and Ward Shelley use the term "Performance Architecture" to describe their many collaborations that are based around structures that they design and build before living on the structure for a period of time. While the artists live on their structures, the public is able to witness the performance and engage with the artists. The performance architecture pieces often have to do with balance, coexisting, movement, and communication that speak to larger issues plaguing the world.


Marco Luccio is an Australian artist fascinated by New York City, and it has become a central theme in his work. Marco was photographed in the summer of 2018 as he lugged large canvases around NYC to iconic locations (he had previously focused on etching on copper plates) as well as from his unofficial studio in the Chrysler Building. The paintings he produced were taken back to Sydney for a solo show.


Teranga in Wolof means hospitality or welcoming generosity. This attitude creates a very friendly atmosphere for foreigners to visit the country. This series is an appreciation of the colors, customs, and creativity of Senegal and its people.

My Mother, The Artist

The artist makes herself known with her exuberant wardrobe, her attention to flair, and her use of unconventional objects as design elements. Careers in biology research and language teaching may have defined her professions, but the way that she saw the world made it clear that she is always an artist.   

Places, Spaces
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Prints are available through Relief Markt. Proceeds go to the Todos Together Fund. 

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