Project Organizer

Seeing Collective (SeeC)

Co-founder & Coordinator

Brooklyn, 2018-present

Seeing Collective (SeeC) was created as a space to accumulate knowledge and develop community within the photography industry. SeeC is not only a resource for knowledge on the industry, but also provides a space for peer critique, building a network that connects our community to job opportunities, and public programming where we bring in outside professionals to present on specialized topics. Our vision is to challenge the status quo within the industry.

Photo Café is a talks on photography series organized by SeeC in collaboration with BKC.

Photo by Lanna Apisukh


Project Director

New York State & Berlin, 2009, 2010, 2020

PaperGirl is a community-reliant art project that brings art to new audiences. This project starts with an open call for rollable art that is exhibited in a group show before being rolled up and distributed at random and for free to pedestrians on the street by a group of bicyclists.

Exhibition Locations:

PaperGirl-Brooklyn, 2020: in pre-production

PaperGirl-NY, 2010: Dumbo Art Center, Brooklyn; The Park Ave Armory, New York; Marketplace Gallery, Albany

PaperGirl-Albany, 2009: FLUX exhibition at St. Josephs Cathedral, Albany

Photo by Robert Stolarik for The New York Times

Refashioned Garbage Workshops

Interdisciplinary Artist & Teaching Artist 

New York City, 2016-present

Disrupt the flow of consumption by flipping concepts of fashion and garbage. Refashioned Garbage workshops focus on learning techniques and designs to upcycle discarded materials into beautiful objects. Materials such as bicycle tubes, plastic bags, cardboard, and netting are upcycled into jewelry, portraits, figures, etc. 

Klunkerkranich Garten

Coordinator, Creative Team, & Gardener

Berlin, 2013-2015

Klunkerkranich is a Kulturdachgarten, or a cultural roof garden. Scattered between visitors who come for the drinks, food, and the view is a community garden that is the foundation of this venue. Sina was part of the original garden team who built the garden and everything that goes along with it. The Garten later developed cultural programming, educational programming, and art festivals. 

The Klunkerkranich Garten is currently referred to as Horstwirtschaft.

ArtSpecs Lab

Co-founder & Teacher

Berlin, 2012-2014

ArtSpecs Lab (ASL) operated as a catalyst to help transform each child’s ideas into an artwork. Participants were guided through the translation of concept to craft. Through artistic and didactic strategies, the language-incorporated workshops operated as full immersion programs to provide the quickest and most beneficial method of creative endorsement. All of the workshops were comprised of all sensory didactics that inspired kids to see, feel, taste, smell, and touch the experience of learning.

ArtSpecs Lab were awarded a business development grant from Funpreneur Wettbewerb at the Freie Universität in Berlin, Germany in 2012.

Photo by Galya Feierman